Tissue testing and Soil testing

Soil testing is the best tool for monitoring soil fertility levels and providing baseline information for cost-effective fertilization programs. This information allows for management actions that adjust soil fertility status in order to meet specific forage-nutrient requirements. Routine soil testing can identify nutrient deficiencies and inadequate soil pH conditions that may negatively affect forage production. Soil tests can also indicate nutrients that are present at adequate levels, providing the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary soil amendments.

Cultivators are using plant tissue nutrient analysis more each year.  For situations where you are trying to diagnose areas of fields with possible nutrient symptoms, it is important to collect good and bad tissue samples along with good and bad soil samples in each field.  Our staff often gets questions about the time of day tissue samples are collected.

Unfortunately the Cannabis industry is lacking in this area and it can be one of the most import factors and processes in your garden. We offer tissue and soil testing services at our Mira Loma and Montclair locations. With a consultant to help look at the testing to see what your plants could be lacking. The testing will breakdown all elements of your growing medium and we can guide you on what organic additives or synthetic chelates you will need to add to make sure your plants are growing at optimal potential.